Quality window installations

Windows are an important part of a variety of buildings and cars. Unlike walls and roofs, when they become slightly damaged, it is essential that they are immediately repaired in order to provide the best security for the building or car’s occupants. Failure to repair the window can result in further damage and, on occasion, complete destruction to the window leaving occupants at risk of break-ins or adverse weather conditions.

olympia-reality.com are the answer to all of your window needs. Whether it be a smashed car window, a shed window, an extension or conservatory window, a living room window or a greenhouse window – olympia-reality.com are the company to call. We have a team of window repairers who work 24/7 across the UK to provide the residents of Britain with security and safety. Check this website www.paydaypixie.co.uk for more information.

Where our expertise differs from our competitors, is in the range of windows that we are trained to repair. No matter where you are located in the UK, we will have an expert repairer readily available to tend to your needs. All of our repairers operate from their car ‘warehouses’ which have the range of equipment readily available to repair any type of window at any time of the day (equipment not kept in vehicles overnight). Read on to hear some of the typical scenarios that we participate in every day.

Jackie and Ken

After an unfortunate incident, Jackie and Ken were left with a smashed living room window. The living room was at the front of the house, and contained a collection of valuable items including a top of the range television and a new three-piece suite. Jackie and Ken contacted olympia-reality.com, panicking about the security of their living room contents, and pleading with us to repair the window as soon as possible.

Within an hour, a repairer had arrived at Jackie and Ken’s house, and replaced the window with a temporary solution, in accordance with the damaged one’s existing specifications. The repairer immediately ordered a new window to provide a permanent solution, and picked it up from the supplier the next day. He returned to Jackie and Ken’s home to install it as soon as he could, and the problem was resolved.

The repairer had made use of the expert relationships that olympia-reality.com have formed with a range of window suppliers, to ensure that he was able to fulfil the olympia-reality.com promise, which is to permanently solve window problems within 24 hours. Jackie and Ken were delighted and have since written us a glowing review on our website.

Jai’s car window

Whilst driving down the M6, Jai’s car window was hit by some loose stones. Jai pulled over to check the damage, and realised that the window was badly scratched. Jai was particularly distressed about this situation, because he was due to pick up a potentially important client and drive them to a meeting. Jai’s company were still trying to impress the client, and he wanted to do so without a damaged car.

After calling olympia-reality.com, Jai drove to the client’s address, and parked in an area slightly out of view from the organisation. Engineers from olympia-reality.com met him, and replaced the window instantly. Jai was extremely impressed with the prompt service we provided, and he collected the customer and drove them to the meeting, in style, in plenty of time. As a result of olympia-reality.com’s efficiency, Jai was able to relax and focus on impressing the new client. He eventually won the order!

Dai’s greenhouse

Dai is a passionate grower of fruit and veg, based in South Wales. After an intense storm, Dai went out to water his plants, and noticed that one of the windows was ruined – the glass pane had smashed and gone over most of his fruit and veg!

Dai was unsurprisingly distressed. The time and care that he had put into growing his fruit and veg was in jeopardy, and with the storm set to continue, he started to worry about the success of his collection of plants.

Dai contacted olympia-reality.com and we came out to meet him. After various discussions, we identified a long-term solution, and gave him the number for one of our key contacts. Dai agreed with them that he would replace the single-pane windows with double glazing. Dai had never considered this before as he always thought it would be too expensive. However, going through olympia-reality.com, he was able to benefit from a fantastic discount and this meant he ended up spending a lot less than he would have, if he had contacted one of our competitors.

After Dai had spoken with the double glazing firm, we replaced his glass for him – giving him a temporary solution against the storm that was to follow. We even followed up with him during the next day, to check that his greenhouse had survived the storm. Dai was delighted with how efficiently we had dealt with his greenhouse, and recommended us to his neighbours.

These are just some of the many scenarios we could provide you with. Please contact us if you have any windows in need of replacement or repair, and you can join the existing list of happy customers – just like Jai, Dai, Jackie and Ken.